Free Kitchen Interior 3D Studio Max Model

October 7, 2009 Filed Under: 3d Models  

Designed by allnem and jhanhv_29, this modern kitchen interior 3d model comes in two different style, the one is a modern kitchen complete with cabinet, stools, staircase, bookshelves rendered in 3dmax2009 vray. And the other one is a simple kitchen designed in red color. This two modern kitchen interior design model in 3ds max are perfect interior modelling that can help you create a nice interior visualization, This 3ds max interior models are free to download for non commercial use.

Download Model – Kitchen 1 | Kitchen 2

Modern Kitchen Interior 3D Studio Max ModelModern Kitchen Interior 3D Studio Max Model

Modern red kitchen interior 3ds maxModern red kitchen interior 3ds max


4 Responses to “Free Kitchen Interior 3D Studio Max Model”
  1. umar says:

    nice work

  2. ZC says:

    does anyone know how to download it , i’m pressing on the download button but it takes me to another website which i could not find out how to download , help please …


  3. ganga e says:

    owen uesly,,,,,,,,

  4. mayaha says:

    i want to download he 3ds max file

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