3D Interior Design with Maya

February 16, 2010 Filed Under: Interior Design  

This tutorial shows you how to make 3d interiors using Autodesk Maya and rendering with mental ray. 3d tutorial is quite simple and very easy to follow even for beginners. You can use this 3D interior tutorial as a reference starting point in making other complex interior 3d. For those of you who use software other than Maya, you can follow this tutorial with a few adjustments with the 3d software that you can always use.

Enjoy this Maya 3D Interior Design Tutorial

3d interior design3d interior design


4 Responses to “3D Interior Design with Maya”
  1. dragon says:

    nice one

  2. ramesh says:

    good tut..wow

  3. Michael says:

    Great tut? Where is the tutorial?

  4. whales says:

    I am Whales by name and I am new to 3ds Max ..I need tutorial and Lectures on how to be perfect on it…I am from Nigeria and I want to be dependant..Please help me with the software on tutorial..

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