Bolt Lowpoly Modeling

February 8, 2010 Filed Under: 3d Models, 3DS Max  

Bolt The Movie is the latest animation movie created by Pixar for Disney in 2008. Appealing character from this movie is a young canine dog, named Bolt (voice actor by JohnTravolta). In this tutorial you will learn to create 3D dog model based on Bolt The Movie charater.
This is 3ds max modeling tutorial. With this 3ds max lowpoly tutorial, hope it’s useful for the 3D community to develop character modeling. This modeling is so easy to follow even with any 3d software. You will create lowpoly version of this character. But I’m sure you will learn a lot from this lowpoly modeling tutorial. You can use techniques described in this lowpoly modeling tutorial to create many models similar to dog, like wolf, fox, or any animal with four legs. And after done with lowpoly character, in Blender 3D you can develop any kind of game with Blender game engine. Still a lot of wotk to do after modeling lowpoly character to create a good game. Enjoy this lowpoly modeling character…

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    I have my house floor plans ready in cad “DWG” format. can you convert the same to 3d and do the interior part?
    how much this will cost?

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