Low Poly Character Modeling and Texturing

March 2, 2010 Filed Under: 3DS Max  

This 3d tutorial shows you how to create a low poly 3d character that usually used for game characters. The basic of modeling techniques in this tutorial can be transferred in any other 3d applications that you have mastered.
Before starting modeling low poly characters, you should prepare a reference image to create a character proportion right. You can search the human anatomy reference images on internet, either paid or free. The most important thing to make the human characters are the proportions of the characters must match.

A Couple Tips for your Reference Images :
– Make sure your reference images are the exact same size and that the images line up with each other.
– I’ve found its best if your reference images are squares, so even if you don’t need all that extra space, still include it.
– Make sure that everything is in the exact center of the image file. Especially the front or back images.
– Mirror your image to make sure it’ll look right when modeled with symmetry.
– Make sure that the background color of your reference image is not white or very light gray. As you can see in 3dsmax, the wire frame usually shows up as white, and if your background is white too, it makes it very difficult to work!

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