Creating Comics With Adobe Illustrator

April 2, 2010 Filed Under: Illustrator  

This comic tutorial by Emily Gonzales, word from author “I hope it will be useful to those considering using Illustrator for this type of work yet have little experience with the program itself. Please adapt the techniques to suit your purposes as required. I regularly use Photoshop for other work, and it is a common software choice for webcomic creators. However, if you are using “cel shading” – Illustrator may work better for you.”
Illustrator is a vector based graphics program, which stores image data in “paths.” File sizes are often significantly smaller than Photoshop files. Scalability is infinite, meaning you can scale up a comic page to billboard size without losing quality.
For print, place the individual pages into an InDesign document and proportionally adjust the size of artwork based
on the final print size. When ready to print, export to PDF with appropriate settings (use “high quality” unless you receive a job options file from your printing service provider). Assemble volumes in InDesign using an InDesign “book” and adjust the order of chapters.

Download Creating Comics With Adobe Illustrator

comic tutorialcomic tutorial

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