Free 3D Model – Elegant Bathroom Furniture

August 13, 2010 Filed Under: 3d Models  

This is complete bathroom furniture with accessories in it. With touch of elegant color, this 3d traditional bathroom furniture have nice looking model. The accessories contains in this 3d model such as sink, tap, mirror, etc. The 3d model made with 3DS Max 8 and rendered with VRay and you can download it with obj. and 3ds formats. And remember this terms of use of this 3d model Elegant Bathroom : “You may use this model on you website for recommendation and education purposes only by placing one of mandatory reference links below. You may use the model for any video or image rendering production. Link to your uploads from your website, email, blog, or forum. The most viewed models get the highest rates.”

Download Free 3D ModelElegant Bathroom Furniture

3d model bathroom furniture3d model bathroom furniture


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