3DS Max Tutorial : Ironman Helmet 3D Modeling

September 2, 2010 Filed Under: 3DS Max  

Watch the 3D ironman helmet by Bracer Jack!! This amazing tutorial shows you how to made 3d helmet of ironman. 3d modeling tutorial below you can follow with any 3D software modeling, but in this tutorial the author using 3DS Max as 3d modeling software. This tutorial shows the general making of 3d modeling. It’s eas for you to follow the tutorial when you mastering 3d modeling tools first. The first thing one must do before any modeling begins is to obtain a decent schematic view of whatever one is modeling.

Follow the tutorial Ironman Helmet 3D Modeling

ironman helmet modeling finalironman helmet modeling final

ironman helmet 3d modelingironman helmet 3d modeling

ironman wire modelingironman wire modeling


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  1. Meghan Kung says:

    Properly written. Thank you for sharing this wonderful method in writing.

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  4. baylen says:

    i dont understand why wont you make it in video on youtube but you did great job at that

  5. reem says:

    please I ask for what is geometry image?

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