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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Review. Photoshop CS5: Worth the Upgrade by Stan Sholik. Word from author “I was able to review CS5 on both the Windows and Mac platforms, and Adobe has done an admirable job of delivering a consistent cross-platform look and full compatibility across both. The following discussion of CS5 enhancements applies to both platforms.”

CS5 is packed with other enhancements, both in productivity and creativity. Camera Raw 6 (already 6.1) includes new Effects tools for adding film grain and post-crop vignettes. You can save 16-bit Photoshop documents as 8-bit JPEGs in a single step. You can display a Rule-of-Thirds grid when cropping. The list is extensive, and I’m finding new small enhancements practically every time I use CS5. And if you plan on upgrading your camera system and you rely on Camera RAW, Adobe, as usual, will only be providing new camera model modules for Camera RAW 6 or later, which requires Photoshop CS5.

The only downside I have found in upgrading to CS5 will only affect those users, like myself, that rely on third-party plug-ins. It is taking time for the companies behind the filters to prepare them for CS5 and 64-bit Macs. And the implementation of the filters in CS5 is not yet consistent. Some companies such as onOne have been on the ball, and updates to their entire plug-in line, including Plug-in Suite 5 are now available. Unfortunately, through an incompatibility in CS5, there is no longer an onOne drop-down menu in the upper menu bar. The entire AutoFX line is available for 64-bit systems also.

Imagenomic Portraiture is available in 64-bit for CS5, but Noiseware and RealGrain support CS5 in 32-bit mode only likewise with PhotoWiz ContrastMaster for the Mac. To use these plug-ins you must select the Photoshop CS5 icon in the CS5 folder, click File > Get Info and check the 32-bit mode checkbox.

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