Autodesk Maya Tutorial : Basic Walk Cycle

September 21, 2010 Filed Under: Autodesk Maya  

Autodesk Maya Tutorial : Basic Walk Cycle. This tutorial is intended to teach new animation students a few basic animation techniques and workflow based on fundamental animation principles using Maya and a free character setup named walkingBall_v2.3 created by the author. This character setup or “rig” has many useful features without being overwhelming to newer students. This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of how to navigate the Maya interface, find menu commands, and other basic computer file management skills.

This tutorial also assumes you are somewhat new to 3D software and animation concepts. We will be using a basic pose-to-pose approach of animation. Pose-to-pose animation is what its name implies, creating character movement by establishing primary positions, or poses, and methodically moving the character from one pose to the next. Different, but just as valid methods such as straight-ahead or layered animation are not described in this tutorial.

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basic walk cycle tutorialbasic walk cycle tutorial


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