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Home Decorating Planner. When it comes to choosing colors, we often concern ourselves with what’s “pretty,” or what “matches.” And when all else fails, we fall back on our old favorites. Such attitudes aren’t necessarily wrong, but they can limit the ability to see color for what it is. After all, a so-called pretty color like sky blue can look cold on the walls of a living room, whereas an “ugly” olive drab might appear quite beautiful in contrast with warm wood floors. Color interacts with everything it comes into visual contact with, including distant surfaces that appear layered in your line of sight. And all these juxtapositions determine whether or not a particular color will delight, or disappoint, your eye. This decorating planner document table of contents : Selecting paint colors : Learn how to match different shades and test them in your room before you commit. – Painying a room : Get step-by-step instructions, plus a rundown of essential tools and materials. – How to choose carpet : Find out what to know before buying carpet, and see our glossary of styles and fibers. – Do it yourself ideas : Get tips on arranging pictures on your wall, lining drawers with pretty paper, and more.

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home decorating plannerhome decorating planner

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