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3ds Max 2010 Graphite Modeling Tools

August 8, 2010 Filed Under: 3DS Max
3ds Max 2010 Graphite Modeling Tools

This 3ds Max 2010 video tutorial covers new modeling tools of new 3ds Max 2010. Author says “I have not had as much time to play with them as I would have liked but I’ll keep using these videos as an excuse to find and learn cool new features.” This tutorial will show you the tools from Poly Boost that made into 3ds Max 2010 as the “Graphite Modeling”. With graphite modeling, you... 

3DMax Kitchen Set Model

December 2, 2009 Filed Under: 3d Models, Kitchen Design
3DMax Kitchen Set Model

This 3d modern stylist kitchen set model is designed with 3DS Max. With modern sharp kitchen furniture and luxury in best quality model. This 3d modern kitchen set is perfect model for your simple minimalist home. You can use this 3d modern kitchen furniture set combine with your minimalist home design. This 3d modern simple kitchen set are free download for non commercial use. Download 3DMax Kitchen... 

Mental Ray Indoor Lighting

July 30, 2010 Filed Under: 3DS Max
Mental Ray Indoor Lighting

Mental ray is a rendering software which generates images of outstanding quality and unsurpassed realism. It combines the physically correct simulation of the behavior of light with full programmability for the creation of any imaginable visual phenomena. The software uses advanced and proprietary acceleration and sampling techniques for faster rendering on even the smallest, single processor machines.... 

Making of 3D Girl “ELLA”

September 2, 2010 Filed Under: 3DS Max
Making of 3D Girl "ELLA"

This the making tutorial by CGIndia is for 3ds Max users. A useful brief tutorial by Zif Qual on making of 3D Girl Named Elle with 3ds Max. This step by step tutorial will cover the modeling and rigging in general, texturing, working with hair, rendering and compositing. There is a few tips and tricks also given in this 3d modeling tutorial. Enjoy the tutorial and learn what this tutorial can give…. Download... 

Creating First Person Shooter with Unity 3D

January 3, 2011 Filed Under: Unity
Creating First Person Shooter with Unity 3D

Creating First Person Shooter with Unity 3D. This
 shows you how
 Person Shooter (FPS). This game tutorial will introduce game
 how programmer. This Unit 3d game tutorial is part 1 by Graham McAllister revised by Jeff Aydelotte and Amir Ebrahimi. Creating First Person Shooter... 

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial : Apocalypse

October 13, 2010 Filed Under: Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Tutorial : Apocalypse

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial : Apocalypse. Very nice photoshop tutorial by Adrian “Rascal” Miskiewicz. Word from tha author “Hello everyone! in the beginning let me introduce myself to the Evermotion Community. My name is Adrian Miskiewicz and I am member of MAX Digital Pictures a Computer Visual Effects Enthusiasts Non-Commercial Graphics Group, founded in June 2004 is a intention of two Polish... 

Old Locomotive Engine 3d Max Model Download

October 6, 2009 Filed Under: 3d Models
Old Locomotive Engine 3d Max Model Download

Designed by Eskanotcher this interesting old locomotive engine 3d model available to download with great detail in finishing 3ds max format. The designer provides this free download old locomotive for personal use only, its a good model to create games or train station 3d visualization. Download – here

Realistic Glass Tutorial

February 12, 2010 Filed Under: 3DS Max, Uncategorized
Realistic Glass Tutorial

Word from author “In this tutorial I will show you how to create realistic glass material using 3ds max. Actually, there are many ways to create glass material using 3ds max. Here, you will create realistic glass material that not only quite realistic, but fast when rendered. This technique will absolutely enhance your scene. Simple, but powerful. No additional plug-in required.” This 3DS... 

Basic Compositing VRay Render

July 30, 2010 Filed Under: Uncategorized
Basic Compositing VRay Render

This simple and easy tutorial explains comping VRay’s renderpasses by Christopher Nichols. The following is a very basic breakdown of how to reassemble a VRay image in a compositing program. This Vray tutorial shows you how lighting can make your 3d interior scene looks nice and somewhat realistic. Word from author “I am showing it to you in a very straightforward node breakdown, but this... 

Minimalist Exterior Design Ideas

January 13, 2011 Filed Under: House Design
Minimalist Exterior Design Ideas

Minimalist Exterior Design Ideas. These picture shows you the minimalist modern exterior design ides that you can apply or modify for your own minimalist exterior design. The minimalist apply simple form and effective space to apply on the exterior. The picture inside can give you guide to designing and decided what color of your minimalist exterior. With minimalist exterior design, your house can...