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Java 3D API – A Tutorial for Beginners

September 2, 2010 Filed Under: Java
Java 3D API - A Tutorial for Beginners

Welcome to version 1.5 of The Java 3D API Tutorial. This tutorial contains seven chapters explaining the most frequently used features of the Java 3D API. Since the tutorial has been developed and released incrementally, several versions of the tutorial exist. For this reason the revision history may be important to readers of earlier versions. The following table presents the revision history for... 

Illustrator Tutorial “Japanese Style Tattoos”

November 2, 2009 Filed Under: Illustrator
Illustrator Tutorial "Japanese Style Tattoos"

Word from author : “In the first part illustrator tutorials of this three-part series I’ll be showing you step-by-step how to create beautiful outline art, but be sure to check out the next issue so that you can learn how to add colour, work with symbols and master the art of working with clipping masks.” In part one of his new Adobe Illustrator tutorial masterclass on digital skin art,... 

Creating Normal Map

January 14, 2011 Filed Under: Tutorials
Creating Normal Map

Creating Normal Map. The tutorial below shows you how to create normal map for your 3d model. Modern Real-Time application look good, but pre-rendered animations are far ahead in terms of image quality, models complexity and lightning techniques. A great handicap for realtime graphics is the polygon count. RT engines can yield a limited amount of polys at acceptable framerates (25-30fps or more). Many... 

Sketchup Tutorial Modeling a City

April 17, 2010 Filed Under: Buildings, Sketch-Up
Sketchup Tutorial Modeling a City

SketchUp is a 3D modeling program designed for architects, civil engineers, filmmakers, game developers, and related professions. Sketchup is also includes features to facilitate the placement of models in Google Earth. It is designed to be easier to use than other 3D CAD programs. A feature of SketchUp is the 3D Warehouse that lets SketchUp users search for models made by others and contribute models. Creating... 

Working Desk Design Ideas

January 2, 2011 Filed Under: Interior Design
Working Desk Design Ideas

Working Desk Design Ideas. Here is the collection of stylish, modern, simple, minimalist of working desk design ideas for you who want to redesign your own working desk. The working desk here can be your reference design ideas. A good working desk design can lead to mood effects are good also for its users. Working desk design reflects the nature of the wearer. You can feel comfortable being on the... 

Lights in Maya

February 17, 2010 Filed Under: Autodesk Maya, Lighting
Lights in Maya

Light has a very important role to give a strong impression of a scene or image 3d. Light can also give the impression of life in a 3d scene with the proper arrangement and also the right light source as well. In studying the 3d, in addition to modeling and animation, the important thing to learn also is about the lighting. This tutorial provides information on understanding light in Maya. Within these... 

Create Low Poly House Plant

December 2, 2009 Filed Under: LightWave
Create Low Poly House Plant

This lesson plan is design to give you simple instructions on how to model a low poly house plant. Once you have gained the skills needed to do this, then creating any plant life will be simple. This low poly house plant is created by Lightwave 3D. The tools that we will be learning to use for this project will be the weld tool (crtl + w), the extrude tool (E), as well as using the stretch tool (h)... 

AutoCAD Map 3D 2008 – Tutorial

March 2, 2010 Filed Under: Autocad
AutoCAD Map 3D 2008 - Tutorial

These tutorials provide an overview of the product and hands-on exercises to help you learn many aspects of AutoCAD Map 3D. AutoCAD Map 3D is the leading engineering GIS platform for creating and managing spatial data. AutoCAD Map 3D bridges CAD and GIS by providing direct access to data, regardless of how it is stored, and by enabling the use of AutoCAD® tools for maintaining a broad variety of geospatial... 

Making of 3D Girl “ELLA”

September 2, 2010 Filed Under: 3DS Max
Making of 3D Girl "ELLA"

This the making tutorial by CGIndia is for 3ds Max users. A useful brief tutorial by Zif Qual on making of 3D Girl Named Elle with 3ds Max. This step by step tutorial will cover the modeling and rigging in general, texturing, working with hair, rendering and compositing. There is a few tips and tricks also given in this 3d modeling tutorial. Enjoy the tutorial and learn what this tutorial can give…. Download... 

Creative Interior Design For Living Spaces

January 25, 2011 Filed Under: Interior Design
Creative Interior Design For Living Spaces

Creative Interior Design For Living Spaces. Creative design for living spaces means taking note of individual wishes and requirements – because society is changing and with it so are the demands on spatial concepts. Open plan kitchens, home offices, converting former children’s bedrooms into walk-in wardrobes, changing offices into conference rooms or creating smooth transitions between the living...